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pdreadfuls21's Journal

Penny Dreadfuls 21
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A community for the Penny Dreadfuls 21 Website
Penny Dreadfuls 21
Writer for Hire
A Penny Dreadful is the common name for a story published in parts which was the cheaper version of what Charles Dickens was publishing in his day (each part of his cost a shilling). PennyDreadfuls21.com it not about publishing in parts, but it's similar, it's about short stories/novellettes.

PennyDreadfuls21.com - Writer for Hire brings the penny dreadful into the twenty first century with a bit of a twist.

Have you ever wished that a story had the exact characters you wanted in the exact setting with just the right happy or sad ending, or how about wanting to commission something for the person who has everything and is impossible to buy presents for? Then PD21 is the place for you.

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