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Fic Listing: Chip Off the Old Block? by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Chip Off the Old Block? by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Title: Chip Off the Old Block?
Author: Tasha D-Drake
Date Published: 06 Jan 2011
Genre: Paranormal, Humour, Romance
Rating: Contains explicit adult situations
Relationship type: Homosexual

Commissioned by: Subtlemagic for the Jan 2011 Charity Drive

The Anti-Christ is coming!
His name is Owen.

Well technically it's Beherit, but that's so last millennium. Aspiring to world domination is just around the corner and his simple life of school is coming to an end ... which is kind of the problem. His best friend David, the local vicar's son, will no longer be there and that makes Owen feel things he doesn't understand. What else is a boy to do, but ask his dad what it all means, even if that dad has horns and his eye on the corruption of humankind?

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Tags: genre: humour, genre: paranormal, genre: romance, rating: adult, relationship: m/m, type: story listing

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