Fic Listing: Three Bullets by Tasha D-Drake

Three Bullets by Tasha D-Drake Title: Three Bullets
Author: Tasha D-Drake
Date Pub: March 2011 Length: short story
Description: Bae figured out he wasn't like most of the guys in his small home town pretty quickly, which is why he wants out. His only route is college and for that he needs money. When he sees an ad in the local paper for a house sitter with very good rates he jumps at it.

What he soon finds out it that it's a person sitting job as well. Jim Jones and his brother Steve are new to town and Steve is temporarily blind thanks to an accident. The job involves looking after the house and Steve while Jim is out of town.

That wouldn't be so bad, except Steve has an attitude problem and something about the two brothers just doesn't seem quite right. Bae is not sure what he has gotten himself into, but it's definitely not what he was expecting.
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Genre: gay erotica, action

Fic Listing: Bonds of Fire by Sophie Duncan

Bonds of Fire by Sophie Duncan Title: Bonds of Fire
Author(s): Sophie Duncan
Date Pub: 6th June 2011 Length: Novella
Description: Drekken is a dragon warrior. Bonded to his dragon, Miri, together they lead a squadron of fliers. His fliers respect him, his enemies fear him, his reputation precedes him. Yet, nothing in his life could have prepared Drekken for his greatest challenge: babysitting.
Stranded after a deadly battle, separated from his squadron and Miri, Drekken finds himself the only hope for two young empaths and their nursery group of hatchlings. He must lead them all to safety and, along the way, discover some truths about himself.
Buying Options: Free [Smashwords]
Genre: Male/Male, Adventure, Romance, Fantasy
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Fic Listing: Mouse Trap by Sophie Duncan

Mouse Trap by Sophie Duncan

Title: Mouse Trap
Author: Sophie Duncan
Date Published: 27 Jan 2010
Genre: Romance, Thriller, Drama
Rating: Contains explicit adult situations
Relationship type: Lesbian

Commissioned by: Xenelle for the Jan 2011 Charity Drive


Harry Moorsely is a noticing sort of gal.
And she has noticed Mariam DeBoer.

Visiting her God Mother, Lady Jane Devril, bright young thing, Harry, has set her sights on another guest at the weekend house party, the divinely elfin Mariam. Yet, when Lady Jane's emeralds are stolen in the middle of the night, Harry's eye for detail means only she sees the clues that point to an inside job. Should she believe her suspicions, or will her heart lead her to another conclusion?

Downloads: all downloads may be found at the fiction section our forum under Adult Fiction.
Direct link for those who are already members

Because this is an adult story you must be a member of the forum and added to the Adult Readers group to download it. This is very easy to accomplish.
1) Go Here to register
2) Then, once you are a member, go here to apply for the Adult section by following the instructions.

You will be admitted as soon as possible.
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Penny Dreadfuls 21 - charity drive update

Just a quick update to let you know, we've affiliated with qldfloodauction and waltzmatildah's flood relief efforts here on LJ to try and get the word out. Soph and I are willing to write three original pieces of fiction each in this charity drive. Soph has already taken on one, but that leaves five spots.

We'd like to raise some money for Cancer Research or the Queensland Flood Appeal, bidder's choice.

You have until 23rd Jan to put in a bid, at which point we will choose the five highest.

You can pick any genre, any setting, any type of pairing. We'll have a go at just about anything legal.

Our Charity Drive form is here, which you can fill in in detail or simply enter information into the required fields and the special requests box at the bottom.
HP - Seeker

New Charity Added to the Charity Drive

[Edit: we have changed how this works slightly to be in line with other fund raising going on on LJ].

Due to the horrible floods in Australia and the devastation they have left behind, we have decided to add a new charity to our January Charity Drive on the site.

The proceeds of this charity drive will be going to Cancer Research UK or Australian Flood Relief Appeal depending on where the person pledging wishes it to go. The Charity Drive form now allows you to pick which charity you wish to pledge to in either GBP £ or AUD $.

How the Charity Drive Works:

  • You fill in the special Charity Drive form (mostly just like our normal form, but with a pledge field as well).

  • Pledges can be anything from £1/$2 (AUD) up.

  • The site will get back to you with an acceptance of the pledge and a reference number.

  • We will then wait until Sunday 23rd of Jan to see how many pledges come in, we will take the top three pledges for Tasha and top two for Soph (she has already taken on one), if there are more than five or all of them if there are less.

  • The authors will then talk to those who are successful about your commissions to agree the plots. (If there are more bids than slots those who are unsuccessful will also be contacted to let them know).

  • The authors will write the stories for you (anything between 1000 and 10,000 wds).

  • You will go here to Cancer Research UK's donation page or Australian Flood Relief Page and make your donation.

  • You will then send a copy of your receipt to charitydrive@pennydreadfuls21.com

  • You will then be sent an eBook version of the story with the usual dedication. Unlike normal commissions you are welcome to redistribute this as long as the publishing and site information within it remain intact on the story. However, you may not sell it in any way.

  • The story will also immediately be added to the fiction section of the forum for everyone to enjoy.
Hyde - soul of a poet

Competition for All Our Members

In a bid to make the main site forum a little livelier, we've decided to launch our first competition.

Throughout January we will be watching the forum and recording the names of all active members, then, at the end of the month we will be putting all the names in a hat and pulling out a lucky winner.

The winner will be notified and then invited to submit a fiction commission, which we will complete and send them the normal two copies free of charge. The commission will be treated in the same way as any normal commission, except for the fact that there will be no 60 day exclusion window.

Have you read our first short story offering? Why not talk about it in the Adult Fiction Discussion forum?

Do you have a burning desire to share your favourite book/movie/music with the rest of us? Then check out the General Discussion forum.

Even if you want to talk about your dog or Grandmother, we have a place for that too: the Other forum.

Come and chat, we'd love to hear from you.
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Fic Listing: Chip Off the Old Block? by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Chip Off the Old Block? by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Title: Chip Off the Old Block?
Author: Tasha D-Drake
Date Published: 06 Jan 2011
Genre: Paranormal, Humour, Romance
Rating: Contains explicit adult situations
Relationship type: Homosexual

Commissioned by: Subtlemagic for the Jan 2011 Charity Drive

The Anti-Christ is coming!
His name is Owen.

Well technically it's Beherit, but that's so last millennium. Aspiring to world domination is just around the corner and his simple life of school is coming to an end ... which is kind of the problem. His best friend David, the local vicar's son, will no longer be there and that makes Owen feel things he doesn't understand. What else is a boy to do, but ask his dad what it all means, even if that dad has horns and his eye on the corruption of humankind?

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We would very much like to be able to wish our members and customers a Happy Birthday when their day of birth arrives.

If you would like to be on our birthday list please leave us the following information:
Name you wish to use:
Date of birth: (01-Jan-2011 format please so that there is no confusion about the month and day)
Email: (you don't have to give us the last bit and if you do it will not be used for any other purpose than to wish you a happy birthday)

You may comment here, go to the forum and comment there or you may PM me.
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Welcome to Penny Dreadfuls 21 - Writer for Hire

Penny Dreadfuls 21
Penny dreadful noun an inexpensive novel often released in eight page segments which was especially popular in mid-to-late Victorian England.

Have you ever wished that a story had the exact characters you wanted in the exact setting with just the right ending, or how about wanting to commission something for the person who has everything and is impossible to buy presents for?

PennyDreadfuls21.com - Writer for Hire was created with you in mind. The whole idea of the site is to bring the penny dreadful into the twenty first century with a bit of a twist, allowing the reader to commission a short story of their choice.

Our site has all the details about how to commission a short story as well as a forum for chatting and reading free fiction offered by the site and a mailing list for announcements from the site.

We are launching with a Charity Drive to help populate the free fiction section of the site. Our charity of choice is Cancer Research UK because our mother had breast cancer a few years ago and it is the work of this charity and charities like it which mean she is completely recovered now.

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